2018 Overall Training Survey

Welcome to your 2018 Overall Training Survey

What is your job position?

Center staff only: Please indicate if you are a returner or a first year

How prepared do you feel to perform your individual position (CDs - select N/A)

Please comment on training for your specific position. What was particularly helpful or confusing and why? What questions do you still have? Please give us specific suggestions for improvement. 

What were your favorite fun things that we did? Least favorite? E.g.: square dance, staff reveal picnic, escape room, folk & lore session, etc.

Thinking back to SIM Day (May 22nd) and the Escape Room (May 29th), what did you enjoy about these days? What do you think could have been added? Are there any topics that would be good to include during these days? 

Was Admin responsive to your questions and concerns during training? How could Admin have provided better support for you?

How prepared do you feel to fulfill your job expectations?

What could we have done to better prepare you for the summer?

Are there any topics from training you still have questions about that we could address via e-mail, Blue Foam, GroupMe, etc.?

Are there any additional teaching aids we can utilize that would enhance the quality of training?

How committed are you to ASP's vision and mission?

Overall, how would you rate staff training?

Final comments

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