2020 Staff Info Survey

Welcome to your 2020 Staff Info Survey

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Date Conflicts during training and/or summer

When is the last day you are available to work? The summer ends on August 1, 2020 for 6 and 7 week centers. The summer ends on August 5, 2020 for 8 week centers. There are also opportunities to help with post summer construction, if interested and available.

Would you be interested in staffing during weeks 9 and/or 10?

Auto Information.
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In Case of Emergency Contact # 1
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In Case of Emergency Contact # 2
Please provide- First Name; Last Name; Relationship; Address; Day Telephone Number; Evening Telephone Number

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CDs Only: Date and Estimated Time of Arrival

Like last summer, we are setting you up to work with your staff to choose your position over the summer. After Staff reveal, your first task as a staff is to determine which positions each of you will fulfill all summer. This decision will then be approved by your Program Manager. Please review the key responsibilities for the Operations Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, and Ministries Coordinator in your 2020 SAW Packet and/or at ASPhome.org/SummerStaff/. In reading over the key responsibilities, please think about other experience you may have that would make you a good fit for a particular position. 

As your first staff task, it will be important to work together to find the best fit for each person. You may not receive your top preference, but remember that we have full confidence in your ability to fulfill any of the responsibilities asked of you this summer. We hire all summer staff with the understanding that anyone could fulfill any position.

Please select your First, Second, Third, and Fourth preference. *PLEASE NOTE: This will not be used to determine your position, but rather to give Admin an idea of position interest across the board. 

My First Preference is: 

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My Fourth Preference Is:

Please explain any relevant experience you may have that you feel would make you a good fit for any, or all, of the positions. If you have no preference of which position you fill, please write 'no preference'.

For Returning Staff Only: Please check which position(s) you held in previous summers.

All Staff:  What skills/interests would you bring if placed at the JAM (Junior High and Middle School) center?

ASP's Advancement department would love to send out some information on our staffers to donors so they can pray for you throughout the summer by name. Would you be willing to share some basic information for this purpose? If you select 'yes', please fill out the remainder of the survey. If you do not want to share this information, please skip the remaining questions.

What is your hometown?

If you are in school, where do you attend? If not, what do you do during the year?

If you are in school, what is your current major? If you are not, please skip.