New Build Appalachia

Thank you for taking this survey about your experience. The staff will read all surveys and use them to make changes for future weeks. ASP’s headquarters staff will also review the forms and consider your input for system-wide changes. Quotes may be used in ASP publications. If you have any serious concerns, please also contact the Director of Volunteers, Karen Frederick, at or (423) 854-4434.

What is the name of your church or volunteer group?

Where did you stay? What was the name of the facility?

On which dates did you volunteer?

At which site(s) did you work? Please check all that apply

Are you a youth or adult volunteer?

Have you volunteered with ASP prior to this week?

What was your primary motivation in volunteering with ASP?

Was this motivation fulfilled? Why or why not?

What is your level of satisfaction with the following?

New Build Appalachia Staff

ASP-provided accommodations

Food Quality (for meals provided by ASP)

Food Quantity

I had all the supplies I needed to do construction projects well and in a timely manner.

I was safe while traveling to the worksite, spending time on the worksite, and interacting with the family.

I was able to create a relationship with the family I served alongside.

The evening activities coordinated by ASP were a meaningful opportunity to connect and grow with my community.

Are you likely to recommend ASP to others?

Why or why not?

What could we have done differently to improve your volunteer experience?

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